Imagine building an entire city accommodating 3 million people in one year. It is daunting. There are numerous technology, logistical, social and financial challenges to address.

Despite the challenge, WARP considers the 13 city initiative a leap-frogging opportunity.

Africa has to embrace leading edge technologies to deliver high-quality, affordable and environmentally sustainable homes.

Building materials and processes have to be easily adaptable to the local context. After all, Africa isn’t one place. It is diverse. For the technologies to achieve economies of scale, they have to be designed to work in several countries.

WARP has a strong technology heritage through related businesses. We have been thinking long and hard about how to actually build an entire city in one year. WARP Technologies address:

This photo, “construction site” is copyright (c) 2007 Kris Arnold and made available under CC By ND BY SA 2.0


This is the era of the internet-of-things (IOT). New technology will be used to make the homeownership and living experience pleasant, convenient, cost-effective and safe. Smart communities will have better energy consumption and management.

Water will be managed intelligently resulting in the need for less water. Communication technology will be an essential component of life, driving everything from regulation of water to plants to funds transfers. This is truly a leap-frogging opportunity.

This photo, “mirrors for a solar power plant” is copyright (c) 2009 Alex Lang and made available under CC By ND BY SA 2.0


Homes of the future have to be built with strong, environmentally friendly materials that last. Some of these materials already exist but have not been applied to housing in Africa. Other materials do not yet exist.

WARP will create a forum for the boldest, most daring and innovative creatives to bring the materials of the future to life. Let’s use the best materials for the largest construction project in history.

This photo, “Dillon Wind Power Plant” is copyright (c) 2014 Tony Webster and made available under CC By SA 2.0


It may no longer be practical to build model homes and cities. There will not be the time or resources to justify this. WARP will use visualization to replace the current need to “kick the tires”. WARP visualizations will be fully immersive 3-D experiences.

Buyers will be able to move into and around homes they want to buy without taking a trip to the site. Imagine a buyer in Canada looking to buy a home in Uganda. Visualization will allow the buyer to tour the house without flying to Uganda. The possibilities are limitless.