WARP Ignite is an initiative of WARP Developments.  WARP Ignite’s mission is to address Uganda’s critical energy shortage. WARP Ignite facilitates projects that generate and distribute electricity. Our objective is to significantly increase the amount of electricity generated in the country, through solar and other green sources, and to improve access to electricity. When WARP Ignite achieves its objectives, lowest income Ugandans should be using electricity instead of charcoal (from trees) for their basic energy needs.

Meeting Uganda’s energy needs is of vital strategic and environmental importance. In the near term, Uganda is already suffering the negative impacts of deforestation because most energy comes from biomass.

Rainfall patterns have changed. To turn the situation around, electrical energy has to be generated in such a large amount and at a such a low cost to the lowest income households in Uganda that they choose to use electricity instead of biofuel for their heating needs. Adequate electricity will also support Uganda’s industrial development objectives. Finally, it will facilitate higher density urban development, particularly the construction of high rise buildings that Uganda will need in coming years.

WARP Ignite’s greatest contribution to Uganda’s energy landscape will likely be in formulating effective strategies for off-grid power generation.

Uganda’s electricity grid is already stretched thin and is incapable of absorbing the additional electricity even the few people on the grid need. The greatest opportunity for additional power generation in Uganda is for off-grid applications.